Proven by 30 years of success

The ongoing development and enrichment of a “talent” community is the key to our proven track record
Thanks to more than 30 years in the industry, Groupe Pauzé has developed and refined a dynamic approach that delivers standout results. While the process is highly structured and professional, it is also infused with the human values and principles of our team members.

The client briefing begins the process of clearly defining issues, challenges and the context of the position to be filled. This is a vital orientation that thoroughly reviews the business itself – as well as relevant situational factors – in order to comprehensively evaluate the company’s operating culture and organizational protocol.

Our team will then collectively define the requisites for experience and key competencies expected in the position. Depending on the circumstances, they may consult various parties in related sectors to further refine their conclusions. The collaborative approach of our consultants – which takes into account their backgrounds and fields of expertise – enhances the sharing of market experience and perspectives to give you an accurate profile of the kind of individual best suited the position.

1. Briefing and orientation
2. Finding talent

Our search strategy draws on collaboration between the client and all of our consultants. It’s conducted through exchanges from three main sources: the Groupe Pauzé network of consultants, the Groupe Pauzé professional community network, and feedback initiated by confidential strategic postings.

Groupe Pauzé consultants keep a close eye on leaders in the various sectors we monitor. Our talent portfolio is populated with over 60,000 candidates and is continually updated so clients always have a significant range of choices available.

The Groupe Pauzé approach earns big dividends here. By combining the skill sets of our consultants with a comprehensive profiling process we ensure a productive first contact. This is never delegated to a third party. We believe the consultant responsible for any client mandate is the best person to describe the appeal of the position being offered. In addition to an already extensive knowledge of the field, the consultant is completely familiar with the attributes of suitable candidates and can effectively convey the nuances and social aspects of the client organization.

Consultants can also respond quickly and authoritatively to candidate concerns about their careers and future prospects with a potential employer. Given that our consultants are all respected professionals in their fields, candidates value the insight and credibility this type of peer relationship creates.

3. Connecting with talent
4. Evaluating talent
We look at two key elements in examining candidates: actual capabilities and integrity. An individual, before being introduced to a client, is evaluated over a series of meetings with the consultant responsible for the mandate, or with a group of consultants. Their task is to ensure an accurate assessment of both competency and temperament.

These interviews test how well a candidate can perform through a range of job-related challenges while adapting to the various circumstances that govern each meeting. Reference verification will complete the candidate evaluation.

Presentation of available talent to our client organizations is conducted in several stages. First, one of our consultants makes an objective presentation of the proposed candidates on file, including a balanced assessment of each candidate. A series of meetings is then held, with and without the consultant present, in order to assess the fit and qualifications of the proposed candidates. In addition, a set of tools will be provided to the client and candidates to support them in the hiring process.
5. Presenting talent
6. Hiring talent
Because our consultants personally supervise each step in the process that connects a business to any valuable new employee – from the original briefing and research to locating and vetting candidates – they become highly invested in client organizations and the potential employees under consideration. This tailored approach is extremely advantageous in the late recruitment stages, when clear lines of communication are an absolute necessity and the trust consultants have earned leads to the speedy resolution of any last minute issues.
Our consultants maintain an ongoing interest in the careers of candidates. This allows us to match them at all times to opportunities where they will achieve the maximum positive impact. Consultants also follow up regularly to evaluate client/candidate performance and update long-term assessments of companies and their major players. Overall, this provides us with a sustainable community of richly talented prospects who are confident we will act in their best interests and whose status is constantly known. The Pauzé talent pool, combined with our carefully structured approach, gives clients an enormous head start when they need to fill vacancies.
7. The Pauzé Talent Pool