Employer Branding: Why Pauzé

Effective employer branding includes a powerful social component that inspires talented employees to achieve even more
An employer brand – because it crosses HR concerns with marketing techniques – requires expertise in both fields. Fortunately, this convergence has been part of Groupe Pauzé since the early days when we were a specialized marketing recruitment agency. This convergence is also embodied in Louise Pauzé, director of Pauzé Employer Branding and president of Trait d’Union. Louise Pauzé brings the best of both worlds to the table, a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s in organizational development.
A special kind of convergence
No substitute for experience
Louise began her career in marketing communications at Cossette, before becoming general manager of TAXI in Montreal. Over the years, she has played a key role in helping major corporations, including Bell, GM, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Reitmans and Telus, position and reposition their brands. Throughout it all, Louise has also honed her considerable ability in skills administration, something that has stood her in good stead during her 15 years as a management recruiting consultant.

Pauzé launched Trait d’Union Employer Branding in response to significant changes she saw developing in the job market, especially a clear need to help businesses position and distinguish themselves as employers. She regularly gives lectures to the ORHRI, Regroupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec and The Canadian Institute on employer brands. She also provides Infopresseemployer branding training.