Employer branding

Positioning your culture at the core of your business plan is the key to recruiting talented leaders.

As baby boomers now enter retirement age, there is concern not only about workforce shortages but also whether replacement newcomers are sufficiently capable. This has made employer branding an increasingly popular option in the competition for the most essential business resource of all: talent.This competition is likely to remain a major concern in the years to come, making it more important than ever for businesses to promote themselves as employers of choice.
A compelling new way to build employee loyalty
Branding for the employee-as-consumer
Organizations need to carefully examine their employment conditions as a product, ensuring they appeal to the kind of employee talent they want to attract and keep.While this of course entails offering competitive work benefits and remuneration, it also includes positive work experiences within the organization. Is the company’s mission truly inspiring? Does the business offer opportunities for growth and development?To encompass all these dimensions, the employer brand represents how a business not only positions itself and but also how it defines the work experience it provides to existing and potential employees.