About Pauzé

Greater productivity from highly skilled workers improves performance across
the entire organization.

Groupe Pauzé team members are seasoned professionals with stellar careers in a wide range of business segments. We apply industry best practices to help clients in the recruitment, development and promotion of talented people to accelerate growth.

Experienced business people with a talent for productivity

Expert industry service for more than 30 years

Founded in 1979 as Michel Pauzé and Associates, the agency became known for its unique insight and responsiveness to client-partner needs using a methodology that focused on integrity and effective work habits to improve recruiting results in marketing, communications, sales and human resources.

Because employees endorsed by the Groupe Pauzé process have become leaders in many business sectors, companies continue to value our expertise. With solid industry credentials, we maintain close ties with Canada’s most prominent business networks.

Lasting, progressive relationships tell the story

The secret to success for many careers and businesses

Over the past 30 years, Groupe Pauzé has launched, influenced and accelerated the career paths of thousands of business leaders by assisting them in their career choices and career development.

Our privileged relationships, our commitment to principles and our unique approach have earned Groupe Pauzé a reputation for excellence among leading companies big and small in all business sectors.